2016 TOPS Qualifiers
2016 TOPS Qualifiers



Five-Star Gymnastics is pleased to announce and recognize TOPS team members at Five-Star Gymnastics that have qualified for National Testing October 7th - 10th, 2016. With the 2016 Olympic Games coming to a close, ten local gymnasts are reaching to accomplish their dreams of being an Olympian for the 2024 and 2028 Olympics. Five-Star Gymnastics had “10 for 10” this year. ALL 10 members of the team qualified for National Testing, which is a HUGE accomplishment as over 3,000 gymnasts competed at state testings all over the country. Five-Star Gymnastics leading nine year olds, Tessa Brousek (9 years of age of Brunswick; 3-time National Qualifier), Bree Vargo (9 years of age of Brunswick), Aubrey Mueller (8 years of age of Brunswick; 2-time National Qualifier) and Alexiah Bryan (9 years of age of Brunswick; 2-time National Qualifier) have been announced as one of the TOP 100 nine year old gymnasts in the country. Along with the mighty eight year old team members, Isabel Stassi (7 years of age of North Royalton), Reese Grammes (8 years of age of Brunswick; National Diamond Team Member 2015), Shalyer Smith (8 years of age of Strongsville; National Diamond Team Member 2015), Delaney McKelvy (8 years of age of Brunswick; National Diamond Team Member 2015), Summer Potts (8 year of age of Olmsted Falls) and Mia Dunlap (8 years of age of Brunswick) have been named as the TOP 100 eight year olds in the country and will be representing Five-Star Gymnastics at the Karolyi Ranch in Houston, Texas this October 7th-10th, 2016. This TOPs team has given themselves the team name “The Texas Ten”. This program is used to help USAG gymnastics identify those girls with outstanding physical skills typically needed for elite competition including International Competition such as the P & G Championships, the World Championships and the Olympics.

Five-Star Gymnastics is located in Brunswick, OH and trains over 500 gymnasts who attend both recreational and team classes from all over Northeast Ohio and further. These TOPS gymnasts train 20-25 hours a week during the summer and the school year. They are conditioning and training for the USAG TOPS program at Five-Star gymnastics under the direction of Jacqueline Krist. Gymnasts test in the months of June, July and August with their region and than are selected by USA Gymnastics by top scores they achieve for physical strength abilities and skills required by USAG. Not only are these gymnasts dedicated to the sport of gymnastics and the TOPS program but they also maintain the highest honorable grades throughout the school year with the balance of practice, school and family.

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Quotes from coaches, parents and gymnasts:

“TheTOPs program at Five-Star has allowed my daughter to grow as gymnast quickly. All of these talented teammates encourage, support and challenge one another both physically and mentally on a regular basis. To see their love of the sport and for each other is heartwarming. To have them ALL qualify to experience this together is beyond...PRICELESS!”
— Kelly Stassi, Mother of Isabel Stassi

“My daughter has been a part of the TOPS program at Five-Star since she was 3 years old. Her development in this program has truly been amazing both physically and mentally. This program is designed to identify girls with physical abilities and skills along with mental toughness needed for an elite competitive gymnastics life. Five-Star’s ongoing vision is to become a breeding ground for local, national and international gymnasts. This vision is beginning to become a reality, in part, by the number of our girls qualifying for national testing each year. This year we are “10 for 10” so we call them “The Texas 10”. Not many can say that. So proud of all them.”
— Michelle Brousek, Mother of Tessa Brousek

“The TOPS program at Five- Star is an emerging program that encourages young gymnasts to reach their full potential, allowing them to see how discipline and hard work can lead to meeting their achievements. We are are thrilled to be a part of this program and team.”
— Jennifer Bryan, Mother of Alexiah Bryan

“The future of Five-Star is very bright! These ten, seven to nine year old, gymnasts have proven that with hard work and dedication they can push themselves as far as they want to go. The support from our entire program has been overwhelming. Personally, I am so proud of the direction our gym is headed. I have been with Five-Star since 2009 and have watched it grown into a place where quality gymnastics instruction is a priority. Our current staff is committed to putting this program on the map and our National recognition in the Talent Opportunity Program of USA Gymnastics is just the beginning. I cannot wait to continue helping these gymnasts flourish and wish them nothing but the best as we prepare for National TOPs Testing at The Ranch in October.”
— Coach, Jackie Krist

“I love my TOPs team. It’s a lot of time we spend in the gym but it makes us stronger and better gymnasts. Coach Jackie pushes us everyday. I love learning from the national staff at all the camps we go to. I cannot wait to go back to the ranch and show them my best. Going to the Olympic Training Center makes me feel I am 100% capable of making a dream come true.”
— Tessa Brousek, TOPs gymnast

“I am most excited about all the friendships I have made from training TOPs. I love the training the conditioning, and just how strong of gymnast I have become. I am super excited to go back to the ranch and give it my best shot.”
— Aubrey Mueller, TOPS gymnast

“TOPs challenges me to learn new skills and do my best! I am super excited about going to the Karolyi Ranch and tumble on the same floor as Gabby, Simone, Aly and Laurie.”
— Mia Dunlap, TOPs gymnast

“I have made many good friends, been able to challenge myself, and have gotten to travel all over the US to attend camps with the national staff. I am so excited to go because so many great gymnasts like Ragan Smith and Simone Biles have been there to train.”
— Reese Grammes, TOPs gymnast

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We are SO proud to announce that Isabel Stassi and Tessa Brousek will be headed back to Texas to train with the BEST! They have been named to the TOPs B National Team! In early December they will go back to Texas along with Coach Jackie to train for five days with the National Staff at the National Olympic Training Center at the Karolyi Ranch in Huntsville, Texas! This is just the beginning for these amazing, little gymnasts! Way to go!

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