Five-Star Gymnastics Coaches | Jackie Zore
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Jackie Zore

Gymnastics Coach

My love for gymnastics began to blossom around the age of 6. From that point on, gymnastics was a huge part of my childhood. I competed with several private clubs up through my senior year in high school. I was also one of four girls to start the very first competitive gymnastics team for Highland High in Medina in 2002. I completed my final state and regional meets as a level 8 gymnast.

My gymnastics coaching career began in Ashland, Ohio. There I worked at local YMCA for two years while attending Ashland University. During my time in Ashland, I had the opportunity to coach recreational classes and competitive team gymnasts from level 3 through level 7. I graduated in May 2010 with my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. I then attended The University of Akron where I graduated in August 2012 with my Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology. I have been part of the Five-Star team for several years now.

I am very devoted to my gymnastics girls. I love seeing all our hard work pay off throughout the competitive season. I am proud of our success thus far and look forward to more good times in the future. I enjoy seeing the positive influence gymnastics can have on a young athlete’s growth and development. It truly is the best sport out there. I also enjoy spending quality time with my fellow coaches and traveling with our team.