Five-Star Gymnastics Coaches | Jessica Hill
Meet the Coaches

Jessica Hill

Preschool Program Director

I started working at Five-Star Gymnastics in August of 2010. In my 20 plus years of coaching gymnastics, I have worked with babies as young as 10 months, all the way up to high school, and Level 9 team. As well as coaching I have been the Gymnastics, Dance and Cheer Director at the Riverfront YMCA in Cuyahoga Falls, and the Program Director at The Little Gym. I have also judged gymnastics for 1 year.

I have attended quite a few National and Regional gymnastics congress. The most recent was the Regional Congress in Indianapolis, and Flipping Education & Preschool Gymnastics seminar in Columbus. My certifications include KAT, and Safety through USA Gymnastics. I graduated from Kent State University with Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, and minor in Athletic Training and Coaching.

My favorite thing about coaching is teaching the kids how to do what I love. It gives me so much pleasure to see how much the kids enjoy learning gymnastics, especially when they achieve a new skill. I especially like coaching the beam. I am blessed to have been able to make a career out of something I love so much.

I started taking gymnastics at age 3, and competed for 8 years. My highest level was level 8. Outside of gymnastics, I love spending time with my family, exercising, and reading.

It’s been great for me to see how much the preschool gymnastics classes have grown over the last couple of years, and I can’t wait to see how much more they can grow.